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Shoujo Challenge

a shoujo animanga icon challenge community!

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Shoujo Icon Challenges
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Welcome to shoujochallenges, an icon challenge community. The challenges here are based around shoujo animangames series (that is anime, manga, games), josei series and/or series that have shoujo-influences but aren't categorized as shoujo.

Challenges vary from weekly contests, 20in20 rounds, freestyle challenges, and more! I plan to make challenges of all kinds to appeal to people's contest preferences. Just wait until you see a challenge you like, and enter! Most of the time, challenges will be weekly things where you just submit your icons for voting. When we do other challenges, specific rules that only apply to that challenge will be in effect so make sure to read EVERYTHING in the posts!

Also, I apologize for the amount of reading you might have to do but I assure you that reading everything will benefit you....

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Please follow these rules or problems will occur. If you have any questions, just leave them here!

O1 | Only members can participate. Meaning you must JOIN the community for your entries to count. If you plan on just voting then watching the community is fine :)
O2 | Members can submit up to 3 icons for weekly challenges. For the other type of challenges, rules will vary so please read everything in the posts!
O3 | Sign ups to be in challenges are not required unless otherwise stated. However sign ups will be required for 20in20 rounds.
O4 | Any icons are acceptable provided they follow the specific challenge's rules, and are a shoujo anime/manga/games unless otherwise stated (like in the rare freestyle challenges). Only official art is allowed. No fan arts, and all the likes that were not drawn by the original creators of the anime/manga.
O5 | Josei series will be accepted as well as series of other genres with shoujo-influences (i.e. K-ON! is classified as Seinen but I'd accept an icon of K-ON!). If you don't know if your chosen anime/manga is shoujo-related or not, either ask or Google/Wikipedia it!
O6 | KEEP YOUR ICONS PG13! All icons must meet LJ standards: 100x100 in size, 40KB, and .png, .jpg, .gif format.
O7 | All icons must be made "fresh" for the challenges. This means you can't submit an icon you've already made & posted. NEW ICONS ONLY.
O8 | Do not post your entries or share icons made for challenges (that aren't finished) anywhere else BUT in a comment on the appropriate entry page UNLESS it is a 20in20 round where you'll have to post the tables in your own journal and link them.
O9 | Don't steal or copy someone else's icon, obviously.
1O | If you want to use an icon someone has entered, please let me know first so I can give you the name of the creator and you can ask them for permission.
11 | No rude comments or anything like that. We don't need any negativity~!


After reading the intro and rules you might be a bit confused. Possibly, how does this exactly work? Well let me break it down for you!

First of all, read the general rules above. They cover the basics of entering and if you want to take an icon made by an entrant. When it comes time for a challenge, there will be rules made specifically for that challenge and will not apply to anything else unless otherwise stated.

Secondly, there will be many different types of challenges I'll post so everyone can do what they like best. The different types of challenges I'll be using are listed below with a description and how they'll work. As of now there are only 3 types of challenges but I will edit this as time goes on, so check back often or wait until I post a notice about them :)

WEEKLY CHALLENGES are done on a weekly basis. Every month that isn't a 20in20 round will be a weekly challenge. The submission & info post will go up on a Monday and you have from then until Friday at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time Zone to submit an icon. Voting will then commence from Saturday until Sunday at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Results will then be posted on Monday along with a new submission post. Specific rules for each challenges and all other important info (i.e. form to submit an icon) will be on the submission & info post, so don't worry!

20in20 CHALLENGES are done every 1 or 2 months (depending on time and # of entrants). One month will have 4 weekly challenges then the next month will be a 20in20 round (i.e. All of March will be weekly challenges, then on April 1st will be a 20in20 round, then weekly challenges will resume on the following Monday after the 20in20 round ends until the end of May where a new 20in20 round will start on June 1st). 20in20 rounds will start on the first of a month (so sign ups will take place a week or two before) and you have until the 20th of that month to make and submit 20 icons that follow a system (10 Theme Icons, 5 Category Icons, 5 Artist's Choice). Voting will then take place (the dates vary depending on the month) and results will be posted.

FREESTYLE CHALLENGES are done randomly, but not very often as in a Freestyle Challenge you can make an icon from any genre. This means your icon doesn't have to be Shoujo! However, because this community is called Shoujo Challenge these freestyle challenges will not occur often and will follow the same formula as a Weekly Challenge except there are no set themes; anything goes! More info on that will be available when a Freestyle Challenge goes up.


Voting times for each challenge will vary depending on the type of challenge but they will all work the same, more or likely.

Voting for Weekly Challenges and Freestyle Challenges will be done in comment form where you will list your Favourite 3 Icons from 1st to 3rd, along with your vote for the Special Category. The order you put the icons in DOES matter. Please do not tell other people to vote for you and do not vote for yourself on these. I'll be able to tell anyways, but just don't try.

Voting for 20in20 rounds will be done in either poll or comment form, depending on what's easier. Voting for 20in20 rounds are a bit more complicated than weekly challenges so please make sure to do it carefully when the time comes. More info on 20in20 voting will be available when the time comes.

Results will be posted the day after voting is closed (or whenever I get around to counting the votes). Banners will occasionally made by me (probably only 20in20 rounds now) so I am HIRING A BANNER MAKER. PM me for details~


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