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weekly challenge #012 {tie breaker}

Oops I haven't been around in a while. So sorry about that! Aaaaand for the voting, we have a tie-breaker for 3rd place! P.s tell me if the poll thing works ): I have issues with codes lmao.

Below are the 2 icons you MUST choose from. Please only VOTE FOR 1 ICON via the poll below for SPECIAL CATEGORY and LEAVE A COMMENT for the 3rd Place vote since the second poll isn't working for me /cries

If the poll does not work for you, too OR you just want to keep your votes in one place, feel free to leave a comment (they're screened) with your vote instead c: You must vote for both categories or your vote will not count.

1 2

This poll is closed.

#012 - Tie Breaker (3RD)

Tags: !mod post, voting: tie-breaker, weekly challenge: 012

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